how to tie and torture your female submissive?

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Oh, dear, Tadpole is at it again. Typical, I suppose.

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You don't only have to know how to tie a tie, you also have to know how to match the tie with your look. Check out this site and learn how to do that.

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It takes a bit of practice. Basically it is very similar to tying a shoelace but be careful to adjust the ends to form the bow.

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As a writer you will know if your article is in good quality or not. And one more thing, it is a quality article if it meets the standards of an article directory like ezine. Originality is a must for an article. ...
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Again torture

Torture is the deliberate cause of pain meant to get something forcibly, to exact revenge or to release tension. None of these is a good enough reason to deprive another living being of their rights and freedom.

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Gender interuptus, sorry. No problem with pink ties or pink dress shirts. I think a pink sweater would make him a total faggot.