How to thicken runny lotion?

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Answered: Are there any known side effects from hair ...

Are you talking about products that make hair grow or products that thicken the hair shaft? In the case of Rogaine , which is minyoxydil, it works. Hair thickeners are normally made from gelatine or similar and according to research some are better than others. You are protected by law. That´s it ...

Answered: How can i thicken my fine hair?

Use aloe vera or herbal shampoo.

Answered: How to thicken runny squash?

Stir in a small amount of potato flakes.

Answered: How to stop a runny rose?

Don't you mean a runny nose? Anti-histamines are used for allergy sufferers. Decongestants may be used to unclog a stuffed up nose.
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