How to thicken red tomato relish before canning?

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Answered: Canning tomatoes--How??? You'll find everything you want to know about canning tomatoes here. I hope it helps you. Good Luck!

Answered: Which is the best tomato for canning

I love canning as my late grandmother and my alive mother have taught me a lot about it. I have tried many variables of tomatoes and came to the conclusion that it is really what you prefer in the ending. Some are more acidic, and some are more firm; while others very soft. I would recomment you ...

Answered: What is the basic equipment I need to be able to get started canning? How

These two web sites have the basic supplies you need for home canning. As far as safety issues, see this web page.

Answered: Red spider mites on tomatoes

I have heard the dish soap remedy before. You have to really soak the plants good with the soapy water. Use a strong mixture of soap. I have also heard of people using tobacco in water to spray on plants to kill mites. The idea of the oil is to spray the undersides of the leaf to kill the eggs ...
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Canning cooked tomato sauce

I'm trying to find out about the same question. Right now, I just put the sauce in butter bowls and freeze them. I would like to put it in mason jars and put them on the shelf also...


Either way, it is easy to turn green tomatoes into red ones at the end of the season! ... of a robust root system is key to getting large, healthy tomato plants and big