how to test camshaft position sensor for 2004 vw jetta 2.0?

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Answered: The mass air flow sensor in my 2000 vw jetta has failed a couple times

The sensing element in MAF sensors can be easily contaminated causing hard starting, rough idle, hesitation and stalling problems. There are many factors, some relate to dirty air filter or usage of certain types of air filters which contain oil etc. If you need a Mass Air Flow sensor you can find ...

Answered: Location of 1979 VW TDI Fuses

You can get a owners manual on google.

Answered: How do you override the anti-theft system in a 2002 VW Jetta or repair

You will have to be FAR more specific as to the behavior the car is exhibiting. Bypassing is not recommended, but if you define what is happening, I may be able to intelligently suggest a correction and/or a bypass. The Locksmith Boulder Colorado

Answered: Oxygen sensors

We are leading manufacturing industries of Oxygen plants, Oxygen gas Filling Plant, Oxygen Machineries, Oxygen Factory, Oxygen Separator, Nitrogen plants, Cryogenic oxygen plant and Air Separation Plants suppliers in India.

Answered: I was recently given a urine test at the pain ...

DOT has gone a little overboard on all their drug testing for CDL's. There have been some really paranoid groups that "err on the side of caution" and railroaded through such requirements as very low blood pressure. If you test out above 130/90 you lose your CDL.

Answered: Will smoking marijuana after being administered the tb test have any

No, it won't be.. only if one asks a specific marijuana test result..
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2004 blazer Where is the "camshaft positioning sensor"located?

the cam shaft positioning sensor is located toward the front of the engine. It is not hard to get to however if it is not properly removed and reinstalled the sensor will continue to go out. A mechanic will typically charge around $300.00 for this ( parts included) because they must remove the fan ...