how to tell if staph infection is healing?

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Answered: Can a Staph infection be fatal?

First, there is a difference between being infected with staph infection and being colonized. Infections can be dangerous, on other hand colonized means that the bacteria lives on the skin without causing any symptoms. While many cases of staph are resistant to more than one antibiotic, there are ...

Answered: I have a staph infection my right elbow would this make me ill in any

You have posted this same question at least three times. Instead of asking Yedda members, why not ask your doctor? Meanwhile, you can find lots of information on line. Here's one site:

Answered: My husband has MRSA, Staph Infection. Should he have a Heart Catherder

He should already be in the hospital and under a doctor's care if he has MRSA. They will know if it's safe enough for the test, but I would guess not. It doesn't seem like the time to get accurate results for that test.

Answered: Staph infection spread to spouse

Yes because the bacteria is colonized on her body. Skin contact can leave you with it and you will start getting boils. Maybe this will help: boil treatment

Answered: Cleaning my environment

I use bleach water at a 1/10 ratio. I use it at my job...I do permanent makekup and electrolysis which is in contact with people all the time. Even before autoclaving my instrucments, I clean them with bleach. Good Luck.

Answered: Mercer staph infection is supposedly growing on my grandsons throat

There is only one person on AOL Answers with three AKA's who post using text like the above Anonymous poster. That is Yadja, AKA gypsey, AKA Lady Darko.
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It means you must keep cleaner, apply miconazole ointment to well around the affected area, and keep it on a week after the infection ceases. If you are in sweaty clothing that will not let the sun and air to get to your skin then it might never go away.

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Staph Infection

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