how to tell if someone might be bisexual that you know?

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Answered: How can i help my friend to find out if he is really gay/bisexual

only your friend can know. if youre physically attracted to the same sex only, then youre gay, if youre attracted to both, youre bi. pretty simple

Answered: Does it matter if Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual?

Her life style has nothing to do with me, she is her own person, makes her own mind up.. Sweet G #17 5/16/11

Answered: How to know if your bisexual

generally bisexuality is defined and enjoying sex and fantasizing about sex with both sexes. it can be hard to tell for some people and it may take a lot of experimenting. in some cases people can be sexualy attracted to members of the same sex but not romanticaly attracted. as in i dont want a ...

Answered: Bisexual bars in west palm beach fl.

Can't that be found in any bar?

Answered: Im young and i feel like im bisexual but i dont know what to do?

just date who you are attracted to. just being open to trying it doesnt make you bisexual. you might find you dont enjoy dating someoone of the same sex. just keep your feelings private until you feel you are ready to share them

Answered: What do bisexual girls do in bed

Everything that straight couples do except there's no penis permanently attached to either. Mostly touching, kissing, and oral but some like various toys. There is no right and wrong way to make love - you just do what feels right at the moment. It's not all about a penetrative act, it's about ...
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My girlfriend and I are bisexual. What does it ...

i think that it's important that you talk to her. you should tell her that you are happy that she talks to you about the way she is, and about her past and all, but sometimes you start to worry from what she says. will she also get bored with you? i think that it is totally valid for you to say ...

Bisexuality in America

New York of course

When your husband wants to have anal sex,does that make him bisexual?

If he wants to receive anal sex from another man it means he wants a bisexual experience. That, in itself, doesn't make him bisexual but if he enjoys the it and wants to do it again he probably is bisexual. The same goes for one man performing oral sex on another.

Is anyone else scared to come out as a bisexual?

why do they need to know at all? i personally dont find its anyone elses business what im into sexually. certainly no business of my parents if i like guys and girls. what possible advantage is there to telling them something that has nothing to do with them?