how to tell if gears are worn in outboard motor?

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Answered: What year is my mercury outboard motor serial (auto generated)20 h.p

The serial # has the answer. Maybe look on another web site.

Answered: Mercury outboard motors oil recommendations

Take a look at this site - they appear to have a lot of info about Mercs-

Answered: Does a marinia need to give you an estimate before performing work on

Hi they can,t give you a price to fix your boat until the job is done just like your car until they know what the problem is they don,t know how much to charge. they can give you an estimite. you can also be charged if they work on your engine to find out what is wrong. and you decide not to fix ...

Answered: 1988 Mercury 115hp outboard motor ignition ...

I have an 83 115 hp with similar problems. I am hoping its a carb problem, just went over the ignition. Seems to be a common ailment from what I see posted.

Answered: Johnson outboard motors diagram for a 18 hp 1962 model#fd16a

I have the same motor and need to know the fuel oil mix ratio, somewhere around 62 it changed from 24:1 to 50:1 email
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