how to tell if crystal meth is fake?

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Answered: Gem AQUAMARINE Crystals in NYC

You will find spectacular Gem AQUAMARINE Crystals at the Museum of Natural History. Their rock and minerals are sometimes poorly displayed (just try to find the awesome Star of India), but it is worth the trip just to see the hugh meteors (in addition to the aquamarines). If you want to take an ...

Answered: This is a meth question, i have heard that all ...

True. Meth is equivalent to Desoxyn on the legal market. Desoxyn is used to treat depression, obesity, and ADD/ADHD. But new research suggests that drugs used to treat depression and ADD/ADHD are leading to symptoms of bipolar disorder. In other words, use Meth and throw yourself into bipolar ...

Answered: CRYSTAL SKULLS New York City

it's not easy to find CRYSTAL SKULLS for sale in New York City. A lot of them are in private collections and viewed by appointment. But there is a store in midtown Manhattan, called ROCK STAR CRYSTALS, which was posted on yelp and in various other places on the internet, which claims to have the ...

Answered: Meth answers needed pls!

NO... but drugs will make you do things out of your normal character... they will make you think and feel dif under the influence... and if you continue to use can change a person for life... but it is a choice... good luck:))
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How does meth effect those who dont do it but are around those who do

One of the biggest ways it'll effect you is you're considered an 'outsider' and fair game to have your pockets picked and everything you have of value stolen from you by your "friends" for dope. Once a person begins using meth their morals go out the window and everyone's everything becomes ...

How to tell if someone is doing Meth??

The classic symptoms of meth addiction include slurred speech, dilated pupils, grinding of the teeth, dizziness, confusion, excessive sweating, and loss of co-ordination, numbness and respiratory distress. But I would suggest you speak to a qualified professional before reaching any definite ...

I am looking for a race car with 88 on it and this is a crystal

You can find it at this website :

How can you tell if a signature is fake or not?

Well The only way to truely know unless you have gone to school to learn the little details are to have it certfired some very good places are jsa and psa.