How to tell how much fuel oil you should burn?

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Answered: Fuel oil furnace will not restart without hitting reset buttons on motor

You probably got water in your fuel. Under ground tanks condense lots of water from the air and that sits at the bottom of the fuel tank, and that rusts the tank if you leave it too long. Most fuel companies won't suction out a contaminated fuel tank, but septic companies can if they have a ...

Answered: What do heating oil companies pay for heating oil in the New England

We have plenty of Heating Oil Suppliers in Belfast and they are pretty reasonable in prices. At a low cost they provide good oil along with good services.

Answered: I need fuel oil, and i cant afford to buy it. Any oil companies in 'Free'....but ya can get a discount here :

Answered: How come i cannot pick up my own fuel oil?

Home heating fuel oil is #3 or #2 diesel. If you use it to heat your home it has not been taxed. Same with agricultural diesel, and it has red dye in it. Road diesel is the same stuff exactly but it has been taxed and has green dye in it. It ain't volatile. You'd have lots of trouble getting ...

Answered: How long can fuel oil be stored in tank in basement

The minute the fuel comes out of the yard it begins degrading. All fuels may be of varying quality when you put them into your storage tank. A tank in the basement would probably store longer than one in the ground or outside. There would be less temperature variation and less possibility of ...

Answered: Why is mostly people prefer Alpha Fuel X?

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