How to tell butcher album 2nd state?

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Answered: Why can i not be treated out of state?

If the state is paying for your medical care, they can insist that you be cared for in the state.

Answered: What do 2nd grade pants look like?

>.< >.< Nice pants LOL >.< >:-?

Answered: What is the role of a 2nd person in a estate trust

The role of the second person of an 'estate trust' is to receive ALL that was granted by the originator of the 'trust' when he/she has passed.

Answered: Before 2nd treatment what should do?

Just keep to a healthy diet. That's always true... There are no particular stipulations as to what you're allowed to eat before an IVF. Don't drink and don't smoke, but that's it.

Answered: 2nd stimulas check

Nathan, President Elect Obama is pushing for a second stimulas. It probably won't get passed until after he takes office in January. Be Blessed.
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Sawdust on butchers floors

It was to soak up any spilled liquids (blood, grease) so the butcher wouldn't slip on it. Nowadays floor dry compound is like kitty litter, which is less flammable and cheaper than sawdust.

How can I apply for a 2nd card?

Do yu mean a second credit card on the same account? Call your credit card company, typically the phone number is on the back of the card. Do you mean a second credit card account, like Master Card and Visa? Your bank may have a deal for a credit card.