how to take tb 500?

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Answered: Acer a500 tablet charging

Either your charger or your tablet is broken. That'll be $85 please.

Answered: What is the average ft lbs to turn over a 500CI cadillac engine

The only time Cadillac produced a 500 CID engine was in 1971-1972, and those in limited production, due to its poor performance and poorer reliability. Cadillac began buying the time tested GM 454 CID engine and used that in their Coupe DeVille, Cimarron, and Fleetwood models from 1973-2014 ...

Answered: If you where treated for TB when you where between ...

I totally agreee with JKG. Stop with the annual CXRs. Adequate treatment will result in the killing of the germs. Jay

Answered: If you where treated for TB when you where between ...

The previous post contains acurate information. As long as the xrays are clear, then you no longer have active TB. That can change, which is why you need to have regular check ups.

Answered: I had a tb shot on friday  and my arm is rell

As far as I know, the TB vaccine goes in two parts, the first to determine of you are naturally resistant, and the second is the actual shot. Follow the symptoms and report to your doctor. You might not need the second part if the reaction is extreme. I hope you feel better.

Answered: Solar panels 500w compatibility needs to consider?

I decided to build a high power electric bicycle. If you are over 90kg's or not fit you may want to consider the 350 watt motor.
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In case you go to see your doctor she or he might highly recommend a CT scan and perhaps the best choice may be to take your child in a popular healthcare facility for therapy.