how to take a screenshot on my Acer Aspire 7736z-4905?

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Answered: How to Reset Acer Aspire Password on Netbook Computer

Just a few days ago, I lost my windows vista admin passwords. I solved the trouble with the help of windows password reset tool. It not only support XP/Vista/2000/NT, but also compatible with windows 7, I tested it on my computer installed with Windows 7 and remove the local user and admin accounts ...

Answered: Replacement for Acer Aspire one battery 7200mAh

9-cell Acer Aspire one battery in UK: , in USA: Replacement Li-ion Acer Aspire One 9 cell battery for sale : Li-ion, 9-cell, 7200mAh, 11.1V, brand-new ...

Answered: How to replace graphics card for acer aspire 5534?

Sorry not my thing. Peter

Answered: What could have damaged an acer aspire v5 notebook motherboard not to

Do you know the motherboard has gone bad ? Bad hard drive -- Ram (memory) gone bad ? Best take to a repair shop and let them check it out. Explain to them. They should not repair until you give your OK and ask about cost to check your computer.

Answered: How do I take a screenshot on a LG computer?? help!

try with these hope it helps....

Answered: Reduce screenshots in emails

i suggest you try to use PCHand caputure which im using now.It could capture anything on the screen with flexible capturing profiles and edit the screenshots with the powerful build-in editor. you could use it capture any size and anything which you also directly output to email,word,images ...
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