how to stop teeth from turning yellow from oil pulling?

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Answered: I have a teenager whose teeth are very yellow and ...

There is a lot of natural variation in tooth color, so it might just be that this is his natural color. If so, his teeth probably have been this color since his permanent teeth came in, the color should be uniform (not blotched), and most of his teeth should be the same color. http://www ...

Answered: My daughter is 3 and has bad teeth. I took her to ...

Get a second opinion. I am so glad I did. When my daughter was 2, this one Dr. wanted to put her to sleep to pull them. The second pediatric dentist I found, who is ranked in the top 5 in America filled them, and gave her a root canal on the 1 tooth without putting her under, and without discomfort ...

Answered: Getting all my Teeth pulled 30 of them want to know about the pain

Why are you getting all your teeth pulled? As long as you are on A LOT of drugs you won't feel it. Can you asked to be put under? When I got some teeth pulled I was asleep the entire time. When I woke up it was over. I think this is the best way to do it.

Answered: How long to wait to eat hot food after having all teeth pulled and

If your gums do not stop bleeding you need to go back to Dentist right away. He may need to give you a few stitches to help with healing. Start slowly and eat what you think you can handle. Should not be a problem except getting used to the feel of the partial.

Answered: My daughter is now 10 and her teeth still look ...

In general it is suggested to wait until the age of 18 due to tooth sensitivity. For more on the subject see this link .

Answered: My child's permanent teeth are wiggling. He's 5 ...

PRAY! my son's 6yr's and so far the only permanent teeth he has is the two bottom; which came in slightly discolored. looks gray at times and yellowish other times. they also wiggled slightly. i'm going to detox him for mercury, and start him on the dr. weston price's protocal. god bless
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LOL...I know the feeling. When they get their teeth, they will look like different children.

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No i did not find an answer!!

My son has just got his bottom 3 permanent teeth ...

I don't know if it's normal or not, but maybe you could just call your dentist and ask him if it's normal. Maybe he'll answer you over the phone and you won't be charged for a visit. baby clothes

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