how to stop scalp oozing from allergic reaction to hair dye?

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Answered: Does anyone know if all allergic reactions follow the same pattern?

I found this on the same site as buildingups answer If the allergen is breathed in, such as flower pollen the reaction usually occurs in the nose, and eyes. If the allergen is eaten, such as peanuts , then the reaction is usually in the mouth, tongue, throat and/or the intestinal tract. If the ...

Answered: What are the months you shouldn't eat seafood that causes allergic

If you are allergic, than you are allergic... I'm not sure what you mean by months. If you are concerned about allergies, I suggest you get an allergy test. It's the only safe way of knowing. Good luck.

Answered: Has anyone had allergic reaction to wasp sting? Please share your

Yes, I was stung on the face yesterday. After about 3 hours I felt drowsy with little energy. In the evening, about 9 hours after the sting, I felt weak and shivery with no appetite. I slept for a little while but still had no strength; even standing up from a chair was an effort. I was last stung ...

Answered: Allergic reaction to olive oil. My daughter was ...

Olive oil causes severe allergies to some people.I massaged my daughter with olive oil when she was a baby.Her skin broke into rashes which later turned into thick black parched was horrifying,with time the skin changed colour but never regained its original light colour.We became over ...

Answered: Stargazer hair dye..

I can advise you on semi-permanent hair color in general but am not familiar with the brand stargazer. Semi permanent hair dye is meant to last about 6 to 8 weeks. However, if you wash your hair often with unprofessional shampoo it will be less or if your hair was in a bad condition before applying ...
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What is a developer in hair dyes

It is the liquid processing solution that you mix into the dye to get the color to activate.

Is it possible for a person to be Allergic to another person?

"The semen of the husband was allergic to his wife"??? LOL!

Allergic reaction

Hi Lynn you need to contact a personal injury lawyer, like the National Accident Hotline. I am not sure you have a case because it must be that you are allergic to something in the dye removal solution, but that is not their fault. They use it on thousands of clients everyday so it cannot be a ...

How long does Peroxide last in hair?

If you are talking about medical peroxide, it will not lighten or make your hair fall out. If you are talking about hair peroxide, you really need to go to a professional. Hair isn't easily replaceable, and your are asking for trouble. BTW...Lemon juice only works in the sun or with hair dryer ...