how to stop bleeding ear lobe?

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Answered: Ear lobe stretching

yeah dude it sucks a bit . ive got both ears stretched (0g in left 4g in right ) i put my 4g in last night nd its a bit swollen and sore but its happened to me before and it just went away on its own so yeah. or you might want to downsize to speed up the healing

Answered: Bleeding from rectume. have hemmroids but bleeding to long?I USED A ANEMA

I would suggest that this is a very good time to see a doctor. Bleeding is never a good sign.

Answered: How to stop eviction proceedings from my House in Suffolk county after

In order to stop your eviction you need to file a "motion to quash" which is saying that they didn't serve you the notice according to the law. I do not practice law in NY. Be aware that it will only by you a little bit of time because there will be a little delay prior to the hearing where the ...

Answered: I had a moller pulled out i nedd to stop the bleeding what is good ?

Good advice above. If bleeding doesn't lesson or stop in 3-4 days you might want to call your dentist. Good luck.

Answered: I wish to stop one acount. How do i do that?

Hi Miranda: So I can better assist you, could you tell me what service you would like to cancel?

Answered: I recently discovered a white mole looking growth ...

When a mole hasn't been there your whole life and you notice one developing or growing, you should absolutely go see a doctor right away. It is important to check that this isn't cancerous. I would call your doctor... good luck.
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