how to stop a pot bellied pig from rooting?

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Answered: Can you litter train a pot bellied pig

pot bellied pigs are very smart animals my cousin had one for many years and you can train them to do that just called my cousin and ask her before i replyed to you she said its not very hard takes a little while but can be done rather easily

Answered: Looking for pet pot belly pigs (small breed) also looking for pet skunk

i dont know exactly where in fl. if you know where sanford fl. is we have a auction every friday night back in the woods here in geneva fl outside of sanford going out hiway 46. i use to have two of their pot belly pigs that i got for my 2 grand-daughters that lived with me. they are so cute when ...

Answered: Mini pot belly pig care can they live outside???

we have two micro pot bellied pigs and they do live outside. As long as they have their own pig house with lots of barley straw to bury in (inside their house) they are really happy and comfortable. But they are first class escape artists - so if they are outside make sure you have strong ...

Answered: What are estragale roots

Estragole is found in basil and tarragon. Perhaps you mean astragalus root.

Answered: What do you think of the melting pot? The ...

I think there should have been more thought as to the ingredients. It appears the pot is spoiled and boiling over with unnecessary additions. Plus they are costing us a fortune.
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