how to stimulate the Dorsal nerve of the penis?

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Answered: How can i enlarge my penis size ?

There are many methods by which you can enlarge your penis. Surgeries (expensive - in thousands of dollars), devices, herbal supplements etc.. The most effective and the best method is by using traction devices . However they are expensive and that is why a lot of men who are not able to pay for ...

Answered: Nerve damage from brain surgery

Brain surgery does not, generally speaking cause nerve damage. At least in the sense of most peripheral neuropathies. Brain surgery can injure/destroy the interpretive centers or the motor centers. If you want anything beyond idle speculation, it would behoove you to describe the brain surgery and ...

Answered: Need help with weird chest pain

Because the vagus nerve controls your heart rate. Why was the vagus nerve stimulator turned up? Were you having trouble with bradycardia? Is that why it was increased? If so talk to your cardiologist and tell him or her that it needs to be decreased, It needs to be fine tuned to get you into a ...

Answered: What to do with nerve pain that is caused from ...

Malpractice regarding pain is hard to prove.
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VigRX Plus - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

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do sex regularly fir it.

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The doctor is correct. They can easily be removed by scraping them with a potato peeler.

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Just find some other brain dead morons wandering aimlessly about the streets like zombies and ask them where they get theirs.