How to start a non-profit christian retreat center for couples?

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Answered: I started a non-profit but don't know how to get it off the ground

I want to start a non profit wilderness camp for sibling groups in foster care. I have my land already but I'm not sure about how I go about getting non profit standings in Louisiana and if this can be down with or without an attorney.

Answered: Do you need a tax id if you already have one for another business and you

Sure do! I got one here in the shop. We hired a mouth piece and got an LLC for the shop and then to do charity work for community gardens and like that we put together another business name, Earth Angels. It don't get you out of much tax, but it will protect you if some volunteer gets racked up ...

Answered: Is there any non profit organization that

Nonprofit Web Design, Being able to accept donations online does not mean your donations will increase. We provide you with the essential components found in all high-end fundraising packages - contact management system, electronic newsletters, custom web-based forms, and group emails. http://www ...

Answered: How to start a non profit nursery for a church,

Of course you should have nursery room either a big or small depending on your church. place some nursery decorations in it and other stuffs for nursery

Answered: Starting a non porfit

i've just completed all my paperwork online and i'll be more than happy to help you in any way that i can. contact me at and i'll get back with you.

Answered: Cannot start AOL

What version of AOL and what version of operating system? The latest is AOL Desktop 9.7 which should work with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 if you have at least Internet Explorer 7. AOL 10.1 was abandoned several years ago; it says it should work with Windows Vista but it might not work with ...
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Best free non profit fundraiser products in recession

I am a Distributor for A Functional Gourmet Coffee Company and they have a wonderful Free Give Back Program for all Non-Profit Organizations. Please contact me at 360-263-2386 or email at and i will be happy to explain it to you.

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yes i'm part of Nonprofit Website Solution, Nonprofit Website Solution, the leader in non-profit websites and non-profit website solutions, breaks new ground by offering non-profit's FREE Website Design, FREE Website Review, and FREE SEO (Search Engine Optimization). http://www ...

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Catholic Baptismal Certificates are printed by the Diocese. They include the name of the person who was baptized, the godparents, the parents (as an option) and the Priest who performed the baptism. It is a Church record, which means it is not recorded with the County or State. This record is a ...