how to start a day habilitation program for adults with developmental disablities in ny?

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Answered: Can music therapy really help those with disabilities or is it more a

Yes - I have seen wonderful results. It works best when the disabled person participates for example using a Soundbeam system to produce music. Music can be produced using very small body movements so works well for those with severe disabilities. You might be able to get funding to buy a ...

Answered: Getting started as an adult care provider

Keep in mind that there is no "best" approach. An individual's acceptance of adult care services depends on many factors, including personality, level of hesitance, functional level, mental status, relationship with the caregiver, experience in a social setting and understanding of adult care ...

Answered: Employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled.

Your disability shouldn't be bother you when you are looking for a job. Go and find a job you want regardless of your disability. Under the federal law, employers are required to accommodate such applicant's disability and should base their employment decision on the applicant's skills and job ...

Answered: Which movie (adult) is this?

yeah, that really was "Sparky's Mom Does the South Side in Chicago"

Answered: Disability lawyers that handles unfavorable cases from the judge

It takes three tries and usually you are denied. A lawyer can get things going if you are not good on the computer. In this particular time of our country, you darned sure better have some concrete evidence of your disability because there are millions who are for real. Get a lawyer. He will ...

Answered: 60years of age and disabled w/no benefits. can i get medicare

Talk to SSA, ask abt SSI, VA, DSHS, etc. SSA lawyers take a third of what U R due on contingency. Might B the best way 2 get going. Obama ruined America but keep hope anyway.
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Getting started as an adult care provider

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