how to stake out a horse?

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Answered: Horse and barn intern in tennessee is there no ...

Jim, let me translate Bones' post. You are greedy and crazy.

Answered: My horse bolts! HELP!

Need to start turning her in a tight circle when she starts bolting. Also I may need a little more powerful of a bit because she is young and untrained and needs to learn.

Answered: Is the state of Georgia really putting horse down because they are over

Hi...I don't know about the situation in Georgia, but usually if a horse is in a salvageable the vets will do all that is possible to get the horse back in good condition. If it is too far gone, then they will probably put it down....

Answered: Do you have to have a barn to have a horse?

yes you should if it rain and u don't have a barn the the horse can get sick and get rain rot and if it gets to hot and then you don't have a barn with shade the horse will and can colic so i would not get a horse with out a barn

Answered: Race horse jockey mistakes in turf paridise

Are you trying to find race results? you can check the results at TVG :
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Black beauty book what breed of horse was featured in the book?

Terrance is thinking of the Black Stallion. He was described in the book as an Arab mix who outran Thoroughbreds. In the movie and TV series, he was assumed to be a pure Arab, but everyone kind of acknowledged that his speed was freakish. I don't think the book ever gave much hint of Black Beauty's ...

Horses Prices

The horse market has been on the decline for a couple of years now. This past year is the hardest by far. $5000 horses are selling for $800 at auction...or cheaper. Good foundation bred horses with papers! Show condition! $10,000 reiners/cutters are being sold for just a couple thousand if the ...

Is lunging horse is bad for a horse's suspensory systems?

All three previous answers are correct. You need to learn/teach yourself the correct procedures. Only thing I can add is.... if you have an animal that is tender or recuperating from a suspensory injury, then obviously you are going to check with your Vet for a schedule. Not all injuries are the ...

Was there a horse named Khartoom?

Khartoum is the name of the prize-winning horse in The Godfather. It was fiction.