how to spice up my sex life after 30 years of marriage to my husband?

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Answered: Why does my 52 year old husband not want to have

He did a good thing in his mind, and he traded you in on "2" 20 year old ladies.... By the way, they all go to bed together, and if your hubbie falls asleep..they got each other to talk to....

Answered: I am married 28 years to the same person never cheated but why am I still

It is likely that something is not right in your current relationship. Are you two not as intimate as you were previously? Often times in long relationships, the two people lose that fire and passion that they had in the beginning. If this is the case, I'd suggest reading http://romantic.adoringyou ...

Answered: Ow is spice mi -422 , 3 g supported and how can video calling done

For video calling you will have to get it activated first from your subscriber and then you will have to activate it from your mobile settings.

Answered: More sex needed in Marriage

Yeah your right, better consult with doctor to get advice on this issue.

Answered: Add spice to my marriage

My Husband wanted to do something to spice up our love life, so he called from work and ask me to meet him at a private local, once there he got in my car and we drove to a Hotel in which he had already booked, once inside there was one single long stem rose on the bed, Wine in the ice bucket ...
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I know just how you feel, or more how she feels. I have been married for some time and we now have 2 kids. My sex drive is, well, not much. My husband and I went through a lot of rocky times and a lot of it was due to me not wanting to be intimate much. In fact, my husband would probably think ...

Why would my husband tell me our sex was the worst in his life

there may be some back ground. no man will utter like this. i pity..

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