how to spank on sims 2?

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Answered: Sims 2 for PC

Best Buy, Ebay, Overstock, or Gamestop.

Answered: How do you get your sims to have alien babies on the sims 2?

If you don't want to cheat, just have them keep looking through the telescope and eventually, they'll get abducted. It will take a really long time before that happens, though.

Answered: Cool things to do in sims 2

play the game, hahaha.

Answered: I have the sims 2 and all the expansion and stuff ...

maybe the phone is broken find a knew one

Answered: .Does anyone know how to delete a sim in the sims 2 whith a cheat code

you just put in ctrl+shift+c and then put in the box : moveobjects on (relly use the space) and then u can delete or move watever to wherever and DELETE SIMS go to buy mode grab your sim and press delete its that simple your welcome

Answered: Do you have to install sims 2 pets on Ds ?

I don't play video games so I don't know. Sorry.
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I get spanked by my husband.

I happen to enjoy a spanking once in a while. I thought I was alone with this feeling until I looked on google and found out thier are thosands of people, men and women that feel the same way and practice it all the time. Be safe but don't let anyone tell you it's wrong!

Kids in sims 2: pets

you can't have kids on sims 2 pets it sucks can on the normal sims but not the sims pets.(only the dog and cats can have pets)

Does anyone know how to play the sims online , with other people ?

For awhile they had the Sims social but I quit playing because they closed it down on everybody who had spent money on it (on facebook) with no reimbursement whatsoever, or notice, or anything. Then they started another FB Sims Social and just expected us to start over, without reimbursement for our ...

What do you do when you cant get the gnome to ...

Add some more cheats Like : up o up right L2 to max all moods; square R2 down right L2 to unlock all clothing; L2 o down left up to unlock all objects; triangle o square R2 left to change skill level; R1 L1 R2 right left to get 9.999$; R1 L1 R1 L1 triangle to hear a cool sound effect.