how to soothe dog after inducing vomit?

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Answered: What to give dog with upset stomach from fish grease

let him eat grass well thats what i no

Answered: My dog has been vomiting in internvals of 5 minets ...

Take her to the vet. It's possible she ate something from outside but if it's been going on for more than 1 hour, it could be something very serious. The sooner you take her, the better.

Answered: We adopted a very old blue merle smooth coat ...

Sorry for your loss. Your first (and probably biggest) mistake was not insisting your vet give you an answer. I would have taken her to another vet. Why so many surgeries on an older dog? Sounds to me that vet was greedy (yes, they do exist) who wanted to make $$$$ out of your pet's illness. You ...

Answered: My dog likes to eat grass-a lot! However, it makes ...

Is your dog very fury ? meaning his hair is rather long? If so , eating grass is VERY normal, and puking it back is as well the grass is a natural floss for the hairs the dog swallows , since he cant digest it, he coughs it up If your dog's fur is very short, there may be a different reason as to ...

Answered: Why is my dog vomiting and refuses food?

This could be due to the food you feed your dog is intensely disliked by him/her. I would personally recommend you to try Harringtons dog food, a new, wholesome, complete, natural dog food.
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If this has been going on over 24 hours, call your vet.

What remedy to induce vomiting?

Listen to some Rush Limbaugh. Look at a photo of Ann Coulter. You'll be puking your guts out in no time.

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Activated Charcoal (as far as I know) is for humans who suffer with gas. Never heard it can be used on dogs but I could be wrong. I think you need to speak with a vet on this.