how to solder a 12v regulator?

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Answered: 1957 ford fairlane 500 window regulator where can i get one

Try the junk yards that are close to you as a start.

Answered: I have a Desert Fox portable wheel that uses a 12v ...

And I love the Desert Fox name brand. Pretty sure they named it after my favorite general!

Answered: Can i solder stainless steel with hot air device

mmmmm, unless you have an extremely hot air source, let's say something like a jet engine, the answer is no.

Answered: Is it OK to wire a 85 watt & a 30 watt solar panel together? Both 12v

If they have about the same Open circuit voltage then you could get some benefit by connecting them in parallel. Just use a charge controller if you value your battery life. A maximum power point controller would give you additional efficiency and protect the batteries from overcharge.

Answered: Soldering iron for circuit board

I would not use this iron on a small circuit board, the temperature control (voltage controller) might help in decreasing the temperature to more appropriate levels 700-800 F if working with lead free solder or 600-700F if done with standard lead solder. Nevertheless, if you do, do it fast, very ...

Answered: Welding and Soldering?

You certify for soldering the way you certify for welding, The thing is, soldering you use one metal to join another mertal softly and it don't have to have any strength past a little pressure. Radiators and like that only have to hold a little bit of pressure. Welding, you will use over 200 ...
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How much does 120v lamp diminish in brightness if converted to 12v with a

If you have a 120 V lamp supplied with 12 V, the power = V^2/R which will be (12/120)^2 = 1% of the power at 120 V. Brightness might be even less than that.

What are the types of voltage regulator

Types of voltage regulator are the following: 1.Series Pass Voltage Regulator - Series pass regulators are considered the least effective type of voltage regulator. 2.Shunt Voltage Regulator - Shunt voltage regulators are more efficient than series pass types because their power is usually not ...

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they just debate first and they start voting if they agree on it

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