how to soften hard fudge?

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Answered: How to keep fudge soft

...and put in a completely air tight container. air will dry it out making it harder.

Answered: Hard money loan

Hard money loans can be a great way to finance a real estate investment but the loan application process can be quite difficult from traditional bank loans. Many potential hard money borrowers aren't prepared to apply for a loan. For more information

Answered: All natural fabric softeners i have 100% cotton shirts that are very

All natural cotton is very stiff but I have found that soaking in baking soda takes the stiffness out. Even vinegar water is good. Fabric softener can help but I prefer the old home remedies. Either of these will take out the fermaldehyde lurking in new clothing.

Answered: Peanut Butter Fudge, repair

If you overbeat your fudge you can often knead it with slightly greased hands and then press into candy molds. It won't be quite the same as fudge but will be a slightly smoother and softer candy. You didn't really say what went wrong with the fudge- I hope this is what you were looking for.

Answered: Fudge that won't harden

It sounds like something that has happened to me before too. If it is a humid day this is more likely to occur. Your recipe sounds similar to mine. So adding butter will not likely work, but dark chocolate might. When mine was too soft before it was a humid day and it took too long to boil. It ended ...

Answered: Switching Salts in a water softener.

This depends on your make and model of water softener. Generally, it is fine to change between salt types, however I would highly recommend you switch to sodium anyway. The effects of potassium chloride are largely unknown. Potassium as a mineral from fruits such as bananas and strawberries is a ...
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How can you salvage gritty fudge?

me, too. The stomach before the trash!