How to soften Bondo in can?

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Answered: All natural fabric softeners i have 100% cotton shirts that are very

All natural cotton is very stiff but I have found that soaking in baking soda takes the stiffness out. Even vinegar water is good. Fabric softener can help but I prefer the old home remedies. Either of these will take out the fermaldehyde lurking in new clothing.

Answered: Switching Salts in a water softener.

This depends on your make and model of water softener. Generally, it is fine to change between salt types, however I would highly recommend you switch to sodium anyway. The effects of potassium chloride are largely unknown. Potassium as a mineral from fruits such as bananas and strawberries is a ...

Answered: Can salt-based water softeners be harmful to us ...

Normally, a good water softener manufacturer will provide you with the option of a bypass tap for drinking water. Unless your water softener is malfunctioning severely or your water is extremely hard, you will likely be consuming less salt than a slice of ham or biscuit.

Answered: Water softener affect on taste and sodium intake

I would recommend that you check our water softener FAQ page for a detailed breakdown of these questions and many others regarding water softeners.

Answered: Turbosoft water softeners

Turbosoft is a proprietory brand made for ferguson enterprises only. Ferguson is a wholesale plumbing distributor, and your local supplier can get you specification information on turbosoft. Turbosoft is actually made by cuno, inc. A very large and reputable filter and softner manufacturer.

Answered: Will a Whirlpool water softener remove Iron from my water?

Hi, sorry about that. Yes to both, but you would need to take a water sample in to decide of which one and how much of it. You local hardware stores can do the test and tell you. We live in a majorly large area of iron in the ground and have a well. Iron use to ruin everything until I finally ...
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Can I use solar water softener salt pellets on my driveway for melting

Yes, you can use water softener salt to deice driveways or melt ice anywhere.

Is my water softener malfunctioning???

Maybe you can try other water softeners such as sodium hexametaphosphate.Transparent glass flake or powder , sodium hexametaphosphate is able to dissolve in water and not able to dissolve in organic solvents. The solubility is 2.484 g/cm3 And melting point is 616. sodium hexametaphosphate is ...

Household water softener/purifier Need Instrustion on how to backwash

If you can send a digital picture of the front of the control valve with the cover removed to my e-mail that would help . There are two very common softener valves out there that do private labeling on their equipment so you wouldn't know who they are unless you are ...

Is it safe to take a stool softener with /4th stage ckd?

Dialysis patients have been prescribed stool softeners due to constipation for long periods of time. Patients should consult with their physician for stool softener recommendations, dosage and frequency. Patients with kidney disease should not take a laxative without their doctor’s approval.