how to shift a bert transmission?

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Answered: Is there any sexual weekness due to regular night shift?

I don't think so as I have also did night shifts but I didn't find any kind of sexual weakness.

Answered: We changed the Transmission fluid in my 2005 S 80 ...

I cant understand what you have done? When you change transmission fluid you drop the transmission pan to drain and also change a small filter in there. Next you put on a new gasket and put the cover back. you refill back through transmission dipstick tube untill it reaches proper level (with engine ...

Answered: Is this a record for Bert Blyleven?

As far as I can determine, there have been several players who have been on the ballot 15 times but were elected by the Veterans Committee instead of the Baseball Writers Association. Examples are Red Schoendienst, Orlando Cepeda, Jim Rice, Jim Bunning, Bill Mazeroski, Richie Ashburn. Blyleven ...

Answered: Is there a difference in a 727 transmission for a 318 or 360 engine

You know, there might be a difference in the torque converter, but the trans housing mounts should be identical. Did you check converters at JC Whitney to see if they sell different types for different engines?

Answered: Locate transmission dipstick

there is no dip stick there is a plug on all manual trannys, find the plug ,should be on side, fill untill starts coming out, it will be full, just like a rearend...
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Transmission oil pan painted interior

Go ahead and use it, if Chrysler thought the paint would flake off they would not have put it on their. I once worked as a mechanic for a GM dealer when GM introduced the 2.8 liter engine in the '80s, it was painted black, the paint on this engine would not come of even after giving the block a ...

How do you adjust the shift points in a TH400 transmission

if it has a passing gear cable you adjust that and it will change shift point's once you change it you have to take it for ride keep adjusting it until your happy

E40D electronic shift transmission problem?

i have a 96 f350 with 300,000 miles with same problem replaced mlp switch still running good but u might have problems with your torque converter if you have to take tranny out it is very simple and you will save money by taking it out by yourself also try to pull up any codes

Overhead or Underground Transmission?

underground would be a lot safer, and i don't understand why the UAS still has such on antic system in place