how to shave your dick?

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Answered: Why wood shavings is more preferred for animal bedding ?

Because 1) wood shavings with good absorbency properties ,they will absorb the moisture/water quickly,especially animal's urine,healthy 2)Poultry pens and livestock stalls is easy and economic for cleaning ,the shavings can be reused. 3) The shavings is soft,comfortable as bedding 4)Shavings are ...

Answered: Shaving

why do people shave? The general consensus among most Americans is that having minimal body hair is aesthetically pleasing. why where do u shave? If it were socially acceptable to be au naturale, I would be. I prefer to wax above shaving. Wax: Brows, any stray facial hairs that all women ...

Answered: Leg Shaving

If you like it then what is the problem. If you want to be permanently hair free, try laser hair removal, it works really well on dark hair on pale skin.

Answered: Im 33 years old id been shaving for almost 13 ...

I would recommend you getting waxed by a proffesional.

Answered: Where did the term points shaving come from?

Point shaving - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Point shaving From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search In organized sports , point shaving is a type of match fixing where the perpetrators try to prevent a team from covering a published point spread . Unlike ...

Answered: Since I get these little black dots when I shave ...

idk if shave cream will work, but i have the same problem and i tryd this and it get rid of all the stubble etc.- put baby lotion on ur legs b4 u shave, shave in really warm water(let ur legs sit in the water for a bit so ur pores open up)then use shaving cream, then when u r finished ...
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Shaving my Legs

Not being a cyclist, I am only going by what I'd do if I were you....I'd shave my legs whenever I noticed the least little stubble coming in.....By the way, waxing them would be much more efficient; it slows down the new growth and you wouldnt have to do it as often as shaving......same for armpits ...

Looking for carrington after shave balm

It has, apparently, been discontinued. You may be able to find some leftover stock on eBay, but often sellers will charge high-prices for hard to find items. (someone was charging $10 for a bar of bath soap that was originally $1.25)

Make money by getting head shaved in bangalore

Hi can you help me i love bald gals or woman. I can send by courier the hair i shave from gals or woman. Can you send me the money.