how to sexually please an older woman?

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Answered: Which style of bra the woman who had married desire?

If you are talking about the style of bra for the married then you should keep in mind about your size and fitting.There are few things you have to keep in mind while purchasing the bra the first point is the band must be numero uno,because all the support is in the band.Always try to wear the bra ...

Answered: Why younger man like older woman

Some men do not outgrow their Oedipus complex and find more satisfying and successful relationships with older women. That choice should be accepted and respected.

Answered: How to win the heart of an older woman that has a ...

give it a few more times, if she doesnt start to show interest........give up

Answered: When a man cares/loves a woman?

Do you remember the old saying: "Actions speak louder than words" ? His actions say that he does not really mean what he is saying. If he really loved you he would do anything to be with you. Sorry, if my words hurt you.
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Your best option is to go to a gay/lesbian bar or f in your area. Do you know if there is one near you?

Is my wife the only woman that likes to have her toes sucked?

Not at all. Many women enjoy foot play.

Saving info online about sexual activities?

Yes that is really helpful to be a good partner as having knowledge is always great in any field and online is a good resource ... Extreme Porn DVD

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if you cant do it then dont. but if you really want to then go ahead. they have these places that couples go to for something like this having 3 somes to 5 somes. its like a cat house whatever you call it. just go ahead if you really want to.