how to sew v-neck scrub tops?

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Answered: How do I sew a scarf with fringe on each end

You can click on the This blog has introduced a variety of scarves

Answered: Did Payton Manning mini sezures come from a buldged disc in his neck

no. Seizures stem from abnormal cortical electrical discharges.

Answered: What is the best beginner sewing machine?

Try Singer's Simple Sewing Machine the feature of this sewing machine includes *A bobbin winder to stop the bobbin winding once it's full. *A horizontal spool pin that feeds the thread horizontally. *An automatic reverse lever, which allows you to sew in reverse and reinforce stitches. *An automatic ...

Answered: Top Scoliosis Surgeon

It's great you want to find best surgeon for son. HOWEVER, before you find the best surgeon, you should find a NON-surgeon to reevaluate his back to be SURE he really needs surgery. My son had the diagnosis at about 10 and went on to High School wrestling team, Black Belt in Karate and never was ...

Answered: Body scrubs are recommended to shed off those dead ...

You should try using plain old baking soda instead of fancy-schmancy sea salt for your body exfoliating!!!!!!! It's way less expensive, does the job just as well if not better, and will not hurt your drains, plumbing etc.......which is very important!!! not that sea salt would, but why not use the ...

Answered: What size sewing machine needle is best for sewing jeans

I think for Denim or Jeans (Style 2026) needles are recommended for sewing denim, jeans and canvas. ====== Buy quality denim aprons at discount price.
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How can I find a quilter to sew some tops for me?

My sister and I do quilt tops - we currently have some on our website for sale. What exactly are you interested in? Merry

Sewing Machine Tote??

Try making your own. Use brown paper bag or other sturdy paper to make the pattern. I would use strong upholstery fabric and a cording for the edges. Make sure your handles are secured well with maybe gromets to give extra strength. Put a peice of cover cardboard in the bottom for added stregth ...

How do you make a crew-neck shirt into a v-neck shirt?

Do you have a serger, a sewing machine, or a pair of really sharp scissors? If you have a serger then you buy more ribbing and attach with the serger to the new shape you want. I have only my sewing machine so I usually like to cut a new facing in a cute contrasting fabric. Use a shirt that you like ...

Looking for something in sewing I came across a ...

try soft good luck