how to sew crypton fabric?

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Answered: How to sew fabric yarn bowl?

chad enward hatten chad Edward hatten

Answered: Buy fabric

Try the dressmaking fabrics from, they offer a wide variety of dressmaking fabrics which are made from high quality materials that will suit your budget.

Answered: How to start a home-based business selling fabric.

Actually, I think I've decided that sewing WITH the fabric is more my speed. Thanks for your suggestion though. I am listed as

Answered: How old is my sewing machine? Brother VX-1140 G77114475

It's More than Years old,but I don't Know Exactly. sewing contractor

Answered: Bingo Fabric

there are lots of online fabric shops, browse any one send them your requirement.

Answered: How do I sew a scarf with fringe on each end

You can click on the This blog has introduced a variety of scarves
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Where can I find cute cotton laminated fabric to make baby bibs?

Go to They have a huge selection of really cute laminated fabric.

Sewing vinyl covered cotton fabric. Why am I ...

I am assuming you are sewing on fabric like pleather. I too use a denim needle and also use a longer stitch length. I never mess with the tension setting on my bobbin. I adjust the upper tension and play with scraps until I get it right. I also record in a notebook the correct tension for future ...

What size sewing machine needle is best for sewing jeans

I think for Denim or Jeans (Style 2026) needles are recommended for sewing denim, jeans and canvas. ====== Buy quality denim aprons at discount price.

Where to find fabric.

The Washington Redskins team store has ladies' items (they say). I would write to them or phone them , because if anyone knows where to find their fabric, they should.