how to sew crypton fabric?

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Answered: How to sew fabric yarn bowl?

chad enward hatten chad Edward hatten

Answered: Buy fabric

Try the dressmaking fabrics from, they offer a wide variety of dressmaking fabrics which are made from high quality materials that will suit your budget.

Answered: How old is my sewing machine? Brother VX-1140 G77114475

It's More than Years old,but I don't Know Exactly. sewing contractor

Answered: How to start a home-based business selling fabric.

Actually, I think I've decided that sewing WITH the fabric is more my speed. Thanks for your suggestion though. I am listed as

Answered: Bingo Fabric

there are lots of online fabric shops, browse any one send them your requirement.

Answered: My mom just bought a brand new sewing machine she ...

Many stores that sell material and machines and stuff offer lessons. Check with those.
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Where can I find cute cotton laminated fabric to make baby bibs?

Go to They have a huge selection of really cute laminated fabric.

Sewing vinyl covered cotton fabric. Why am I ...

I am assuming you are sewing on fabric like pleather. I too use a denim needle and also use a longer stitch length. I never mess with the tension setting on my bobbin. I adjust the upper tension and play with scraps until I get it right. I also record in a notebook the correct tension for future ...

What size sewing machine needle is best for sewing jeans

I think for Denim or Jeans (Style 2026) needles are recommended for sewing denim, jeans and canvas. ====== Buy quality denim aprons at discount price.

What is the best beginner sewing machine?

6 best sewing machines for beginners. 1. John Lewis JL110, Teal 2. Brother LX25, 3. Husqvarna Viking E20, 4. Janome 525s, 5. Pfaff Passport 2.0, 6. Bernina B330, For more Details Refer: