how to set or reset a sharper image tsa 4combination lock?

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Answered: Adding pictures to sharper image photo viewer.

1. Connect the USB cable to your computer and the photo keychain. Press the V button on the side to acess the update mode and press the power button. It should now say updating. It will say updating the whole time you are working with the program. 2. Once the keychain is plugged in and in the ...

Answered: Changing combination on TSA luggage lock from Target?

There is a little indentation on the bottom of the lock, near where the TSA code is located. Unlock (0-0-0 combination if you didn't change it when you bought it), and slide and remove the cable tip from the hole. Then push in the indentation/button on the bottom while setting the dials to your ...

Answered: Locked out of account - unable to reset

Hi, Gretchen: My best suggestion would be to try calling 1-877-786-0722. Thanks for your patience.

Answered: Sharper image ionic breeze class action lawsuit

I assume you are referring to the infamous Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air purifiers? right? Well, Consumers Reports exposed those as misrepresented by Sharper Image; then Sharper Image spent a ton suing Consumer Reports and LOST! Then in 2007, a Class Action lawsuit was filed against them ...

Answered: Sharper image ionic breezer blinking light

Hi Tatlo2...thanks for the fst response! I have the hybrid sharper image ionic breezer and it has 2 dials, not actual's clean but i'm wondering if it shorted out because someone unplugged it w/out turning the power off:(
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Hi Vero: We’re sorry you are having trouble resetting your password. If you call our Customer Service Team at 1-855-622-4946, they will be happy to assist you.

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