how to separate mating dogs?

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Answered: I've had dogs on and off most of my life but these ...

Sorry, I don't think it's fair to the dog. Most dogs seem to love their people, and need attention, affection and training. It's not possible to do this when you aren't able to spend time with the dog. My husband and I were both working when we were first married, and we got a puppy. It was ...

Answered: What is the lowest price patio mate screen room gazebo

There is probably no such thing. IF you want an inexpensive add-on, buy the materials from a box store and do the work yourself. Plans for such additions are available online. You might have to cough up a few bucks to get one.

Answered: How will my dog deal with separation anxiety if I leave him alone for a

Hello Mac, You asked, "How will my dog deal with separation anxiety if I leave him alone for a couple of hours?" Well Mac, there are so many variables it's next to impossible for anyone other than the All Mighty to answer that (every dog is different, every dog has its However, as a ...

Answered: Dog Grooming

Hi Anil, here i have found a very interesting article on Dod grooming tips, just follow this link : I hope it will help you . All the best !!

Answered: Medicine for dogs to control their anxiety? Wow ...

It's very safe. I've had to have two of my Goldens on it. It's just Prozac. The same anti-anxiety medication they give to people. It really calms them down and relaxes them, and makes the seperation tolerable for them with out them destroying everything in the house. Some dogs CAN be very ...

Answered: Are bones safe for dogs?

Dogs instinctively love bones..Bones are a natural source of calcium and can give him best branded chew bones..For more info plz visit:-
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How to get rid of ants on dogs

Get rid of ants on dogs? They burrow under the skin. Takes a treatment only vets have -- for good reason, it's toxic. Get the dog to the vet PRONTO or call ASPCA.

How do dogs choose who they like more ?

The ones who feed them and play with them.

Possible dog mating

Yes, it is. It would be a bit of "stretch" on the males part but where there is a will ( and a bitch in heat ) the male dog will find a way !

Should I Spay or Neuter my Dog?

That would certainly depend on if your dog was male or female.