how to separate gold fillings from teeth?

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Answered: I am trying to buy gold filled beads from africa. can you help me at

MY name Tulepov, I read all comments here, me am buyer from the republic of Kazakhstan, I buy gold from Ghana monthly basis.Seller in Ghana name is Mr Asamoah, good and kind man to do business. Not scam me for one day and product of 22cts, pure 93%. No more complain of lost money in business gold ...

Answered: What are the reasons to pull baby teeth

One of the reasons to pull out baby teeth is when it would almost fall off. If you are unsure on what to do on your baby's teeth status, a consultation from a dentist should be done immediately. If the baby is restless at night, you can give her baby wearable blankets that gives a sense of ...

Answered: Why are my daughter's teeth at the age of 4 years ...

i think its just a normal, maybe go to the dentist to make youre worry stop

Answered: Gold filled or vermeil

Vermeil is a more expensive version of gold-plated jewelry. It consists of a sterling silver base that is coated with gold. Vermeil jewelry wears off less than gold-plated one.

Answered: My 3.2 year old has some cavities. He did horrible ...

this sounds bad. I would suggest trying to find another alternative. Perhaps some sort of anisthetic. I can see how such an experience could be traumatic for a child.

Answered: Since my son started going to the dentist they ...

Take him to another dentist and ask for a second opinion. I can't believe that a dentist would pull a small child's teeth if it wasn't necessary.
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Get a second opinion.

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