how to seduce your stepdaughter?

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Answered: Seducing my best friend

WOW, some great replies above. I gave some thumbs up. I like the SPIRIT of 2 of them ... John Wayne style, go after him straight up. It can be cool and some guys can like it (as one said) but ............ but .... slow down there .... pull the riens back. Those other comments made some great ...

Answered: Saxophone music for seducing men?

answer by bonestructure is best

Answered: Is it true that women like confident men? Is it possible to improve my

...And I'm ...confidently, arrogant enough to say ..."I like women named ...'Honeypot'.."... ....hehehe

Answered: What are seducing spirits?

LaBatt's 50 Ale is my pick. Cudn Redd

Answered: How to seduce or hit on a woman?

Don't bother. If it is planned too much, she will not think you are sincere. Just be your best self and remember your manners. Smile and keep yourself neat and clean, and read up on many subjects so you can converse intelligently.
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How to emotionally seduce a married woman?

Why do you want to seduce a married woman!! get someone single. Dont be a home wrecker.

Why Seduce a Woman?

no seduction is just another word for playing mans role i can see u dont kn how to this cos u made it yr topics and with this question u show u would rather not play yr mens role and dont be woman allows a man to seduce her if she doesnt want to be seduces women choose not men and ...

White guys seducing black women?

What about them? And how do you know the black woman wasn't seducing the white guy.