how to seduce my step daughter 18years old?

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Answered: Any thing to in Indanapolis for 18 year old

Check out for fun stuff.

Answered: Georgia laws concerning 18 year children Are the ...

No, at 18-years-old, they are legally adults.

Answered: What is the closest thing to a real cat i can get my 5 year old daughter

Actually, hairless cats, sphinxes, (my favorite cats) are extremely affectionate, and have among the mellowist natures in the cat world. They do, however, require a lot of care. With no hair they're far more sensitive to temperature and must be kept warm and cool in the appropriate seasons. they ...

Answered: Am looking for chicago bars that allow 18 year olds to enter with a 21

Sorry Dear, you are out of luck. You won't find one. Anna Sparky's Mom

Answered: How many 18 year old MD's

Balamurati Ambati got his MD at age 17 years 9 months, the youngest ever.

Answered: My daughter lives home is 18 and is in the 12th grade why cant i claim

The child tax credit cuts off at 17. You can probably take a personal exemption for her.
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What can you do when your 19 yr old daughter is drunk and screaming and

Your reference to God is in your tagline, Shedragon.

How to deal w/my 18 year old disrespectful filthy mouth daughter

HECK no! like i said, i am only 11, but i have some words of wisdome! (as most of my friends say). ur daughter idls 18, but if she is not out of ur house, then YOU ARE STILL THE BOSS! u CANNOT let ur daughter trash talk u w/words like fuck and bitch (if, by any chance, thts the language she uses ...

In your opinion is an 18 year old a child?

At 18 he should be a matured adult. If he is still a child and/or you consifer him a child, there is a problem !. You might say he is still unexperienced but he is an adult by all means / aspects.

Can an 18 year old, with a 6 month old child, legally move to Wisconsin

It sounds like she'll have to duke it out with her mom for another few months. OTOH, if you talk to your sister and she agrees, there's no impediment. From your description, it comes to me as though your sister simply doesn't want to take care of the baby. If you're helping do what while you niece ...