how to score the secondary traumatic stress scale?

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Answered: I have lost my directions for my scale . Can you provide a copy ? Eddie

Tell us what the make and model is, what you are trying to weigh, and we can say some thing. We got a truck scale that measures up to 150,000 pounds and we got a lab scale in the machine shop that measures fine enough to tell us what turbine blades weigh so we can put super chargers together right ...

Answered: What are the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Depression, worry, intense guilt and numb feelings are some emotional symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Sleep problems, worry, Tensions and fears are some physical symptoms that Contribute to PTSD. I found some useful information at

Answered: Why the range of Ph scale is upto 14 and not less ...

Hi, PH = - log[H+] (minus the log of Hydrogen ions concentration). 7 is neutral, below 7 it's acid (and the lower it is the more acid it is) and above 7 it's alkline (OH-) and the bigger the number is it is more alkaline. You are wrong PH can be below 1 (I don't want to go into it but it can be ...

Answered: What self talk is good to cure ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder)?

My dearest Carole, Dealing with post-traumatic-stress-disorder is never easy. The best natural method is purely cognitive. However, PTSD is a severe disorder that people come by honestly. 1. Know that what hit you will probably never hit you again. 2. Come to grips with what befell you ...

Answered: How to program a hobart meat scale sp1500

I was looking for one too.. ebay $25. or get me to send you a copy of the one I got for say 10.00 plus s&H. I am at

Answered: What are the best things to do to conquer stress??

Try to do meditation exercises and practices once in a while. It'll help you deter stress even at work.
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Can alot of stress cause frequent urination?

There are symptoms of stress that are possible to happen to some people but some are not. The best way to fight for it is through deep guided meditation . It helps though.

How do i manage stress?

Stress effects the people in one or other way. But excess levels of stress is not at all good for health 70%- 80% illnesses were occurred due to excess levels of stress. Some things to mange stress are Exercise... Smile and laugh make some funny things... Join in some support group ... Meditate ...

When I get stressed I often find that this will ...

Stress has different heads and it effects the people differently. Exercise is the best and most effective way to lower the stress levels, exercise will cut the corisol levels which is the main culprit of stress, regular practice of exercise will release the happy hormones. Yoga, mediatation ...

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