How to say i love you my daughter in Greek?

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Answered: IN a new relationship, he says i love you....kinda jokingly i said "lord

You have a liar on your hands or someone who is making up stories to make himself more attractive whatever it is out of the norm. Would think twice about continuing this relationship. Follow your instincts nine times out of ten they are right. You saying you think he is full of it is a big ...

Answered: Zac Efron and Greek girls

He is currently dating Vanessa Hudgens, his costar from High School Musical. There is no word on whether he will be in Greece in the near future but you never know with celebrities.

Answered: What makes a man fall more deeply in love with his ...

The answer is simple - you have been through alot of things together. Some people say that time is a great master - it heals, it make people repsect each other even more. If you are deeply in love it does not matter how old are you and long have you been with your wife. My brother, who is now in ...

Answered: How do you say "I will always love you in french" ?

The correct translation is:"je t'aimerai toujours"

Answered: How to say I love you to your daughter in greek?

? ' ?????, ????. The closest I can write it is: E (actually awide M turned on it's left side to make an E).. ayanw, kopn. I can enter it in this box but it doesn't accept it when I post.. The above is a rudemental close replica.. E ' ayanw, kopn. (I love you, daughter).
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That's easy! I'm not even Greek and can answer that one. A ya ya is a granny or grandmother.