how to say floating temple in japanese?

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Answered: How do i say midnight in japanese...

sun is taiyo (Tie-Yo) i've heard midnight most commonly as - midonaito (mih do nai to) (basically an accented version of the english word 'midnight' because it's in katakana)

Answered: How do you twist 3 threads for japanese embroidery

Its very easy if you take it as a challenge to twist the three threads for japanese embroidery.The embroidery digitizer may help out and solve the difficulty.The difficulty level depends upon the types of threads used for embroider.The japanese flat silk can be twisted using a small article to be ...

Answered: How do you say "what are you saying" in japanese

nani yatten da yo? what did you

Answered: Pool Floats

You might want to try They have a huge selection of pool floats . You might be able to find what you need there.

Answered: Single Japanese girls

Hey, there are tons of online dating in Japan check them out.

Answered: What does hope float mean

It basically means, hope is what keeps us afloat in times of trouble
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