how to save multiple facebook photos to flash drive?

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Answered: How do I change and add photos on my Facebook page?

Its very easy. There is upload option select that and choose photo that you want to upload. After uploading there is 'make profile pic' option select that. By following above point you can add new photos.

Answered: Custom usb flash drives suppliers or manufacturers?

Malaysia and Taiwan are also the lead manufacturers of flash drives. You can get flash drives in bulk for less price and good quality. But it is better to buy a sample from them before opting to go for a bulk order. I bought some flash drives from this store from Malaysia which are very good in ...

Answered: Facebook problem ex husband took over my facebook ...

Can anyone tell these leftist Muslim Atheist poster apart from the others?

Answered: Saving plans?

Hi, I was also searching for something similar and came across this good article by Zurich Vista on how to save and increase our house hold incomes.

Answered: Flash drive

Almost all laptops have a USB port or two somewhere. It could be on the side or the back. But you may have already used the USB port(s) for something like a mouse, printer, or an external DVD drive. One solution is a USB hub that lets you plug in more devices.

Answered: Copy to a flash drive

Hi Teresa: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Save your Filing Cabinet or a folder from Personal Filing Cabinet
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Flash drive

plug in your USB drive to the USB port. Click Start - (My) Computer - Choose one from the device removable storage Double Click to open the files saved on the USB. Select pictures you want to transfer in your PC. (Ctrl then click on the pictures you want to save on the PC) Copy ( Ctrl C ) - if ...

Facebook problem!!

It is a must to have a phone number to verify your Facebook account. You can take your friends phone number to verify your Facebook account.

Can you please help me get on my facebook

Go to Enter your user name. Enter your password. Done.

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In thinking about technology and digital costs, DreamWorks has become a marquee client for Intel and Hewlett-Packard, speaking to the oil industry and Wall Street. Doug McDermott says he's confident he's got what it takes to be a first-round pick in the NBA draft. The poet, 35, has created an ...