How to save a book from kobo library to computer hard drive?

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Answered: I've had many power cuts and yet thus far they ...

i have meet this problem, IBM 40GB external hard disk causing computer crash

Answered: Installing AOL on new hard drive.

You go to and you download it.

Answered: How do I clean my hard drive without losing my ...

If you are using Windows XP, go to All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/DiskCleanup.

Answered: External hard drive wont start

You should update you usb.. Because some usb slot needs to be update there driver to recognize other USB devices..

Answered: What is hard drive Q

Your computer gives a letter to items plugged into usb like exterior hard drives and other sandisks (whatever they may be named) and slot that are not in use can also have a letter asigned to them. Compact Flash -- Multi media -- whatever they may be named. Anyway that's the way my HP p6823w is.

Answered: Clean c drive

Start by using Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup. That will remove things like temporary Internet files, temporary Word files, and archived memory dumps. And it will empty your Recycle Bin. That will give you megabytes of storage, maybe even gigabytes. If you need more space, you can look ...
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All your files are still stored on the hard drive. They're just invisible or inaccessible.You can recover them with data recovery software. I used this one to recover files from my infected laptop and it worked. Anyway, you can download it ...

Copying Email Folders

Only if you are using the AOL software - you can copy your PFC to a file on your computer.


Files that are fragmented take longer to load, but you could have 100 fragments and it would take only 2 seconds longer. Defragmenting is advertised as a way to speed up your computer but I have never been able to measure a speed up. Unless your hard drive is 75% full I don't expect it will do ...

External Hard drive help......

Ugh! This is why I am currently searching for a new external hard drive. The suggestion below is a great one to try though. It didn't work for me so I am now considering purchasing a Seagate model. I've read reviews that Seagate has better support for their hard drives. I found a blog with some ...