how to rule out emphysema?

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Answered: What happens after you have found out you have the start of emphysema

Hi, Sorry to hear of your diagnoses. My mother and grandmother both had it. The best thing I can suggest for you is to try to 'slow' it down and lessen the symptoms By using the Buteyko Breathing Method. It is a clinically tested method to help restore your breathing. If the emphysema is advanced ...

Answered: Leftists should learn Roberts' Rules.

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Answered: Is it true that smoking can cause Emphysema and what can be done to

I agree with the above...never smoke again! My mother got emphysema after 65 years of smoking. She quit when she had a massive panic attack because she couldn't breathe. Don't wait that long. You can learn to breathe better by using The Buteyko Breathing methods. A clinically proven method to ...

Answered: Pool rules for Orchard Villas Lakeside

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Answered: Safety Rules

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