How to ruff-in a toilet?

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Answered: How to remove a bemis elongated toilet seat

2 bolts under the rear of the seat is all it is.

Answered: Toilet back-ups

First, plunge as much water out of the bowl as possible. Pour one (1) gallon of apple cider vinegar in the stopped up toilets; let set over night. Flush the next day. It works for me. Using toilet paper made for septic tank use would also be helpful.

Answered: 1920' s toilet

Once you get the toilet out, think before you throw it out. I just purchased a home with a 1920 toilet, 400th one made, and it is valued at $40,000. No, that $ amount was not a typo.

Answered: How do I fix a very noisy toiletI have a new Kohler toilet that has a

It seems to me that it's either defective or not adjusted properly. A new toilet, especially a well known brand like Kohler, should not make excessive noise. Complicated float system or not.
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Toilet filling problems

go to menards/home depot/ace and get the plug-in wrap wires. it's like a flat extension cord that you wrap around the pipes. it has a built in sensor that regulates the temp, not too hot. I use them in a summer cottage during the winter so i don't have to blow the pipes out. not a break since i ...

What did Steve Jobs' toilets look like?

I'm afraid that this need more resources

What are toilets that wash you?

Toilets that wash you are called bidets. However these are outdated now and the new wave of the future is called the Washlet . Unlike the bidet, the washlet is very high tech. They come in many options depending on your budget and desire. You can even just purchase the toilet seat option with the ...

What does your toilet look like?

Bidet Boy's back & advertising some more. Take your bidets and shove em up your butt, Bidet Boy. Grownups don't have skid marks in their drawers because their mothers taught them how to wipe with toilet paper. Too bad you never learned how.