how to rig islander lure with ballyho?

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Answered: What rigs for bait and lures are effective in medium sized rivers?

I have always found a three-way rig to be very effective. The three-way's strength is its ability to hold a bait or lure a set distance off the bottom, with the rig held in place by a weight of sufficient size for depth, current, or a desired motion.

Answered: I have a card of old challenger lures with ...

mid to late 1950s is the time period. If you woulld like I would greatly enjoy seeing these baits.

Answered: How does one sell his private island Florida intracoastal ?

Well, how did you buy it? Ask your real estate agent.

Answered: Oil rig job

If you are looking for info on getting a job in the oil fields of Alberta, check out this site: Alberta Oil Jobs

Answered: Florida islands is there a devils fish key island

This web site has a detailed map of the Keys as well as a great deal of useful tourist information.

Answered: When is a great time to visit the Greek Islands ...

Summer is the best time. Aram Arakelyan Your LA Broker For Life! Realty Needs Network
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wood, try going to and post you question its free

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