how to rig a alcort minifish sailboat?

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Answered: 25 Catalina Sailboat Keel Material

looking for a cheap trailer does'nt have to be vaporizer pretty just highway sound. The trailer is for a 25 foot swing keel catalina sailboat.

Answered: What horsepower outboard does a 23 foot sailboat need?

If you are only using it for leaving or entering harbor, a small 10-20hp should suffice. That may even be enough for cruising.

Answered: Can anney budy tell me how big of a sailboat can ...

You can own any size vessel you can afford. You only need a license to carry passengers. Capt. Mitch

Answered: Oil rig job

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Answered: How would i get a sailboat get from conn to texas

It depends upon the size of the sailboat, where it is in Conn and where it's going in TX. If small, trail it. If landlocked transport it by truck. If you're on the water in Conn and your destination is on the coast of TX ... and it's big enough to sail and you have time to sail it I'd opt for ...

Answered: I would like to rig my 50yr old ship and clock it ...

Let me know the history and the pictures of your boat and i try to help you E-mail Sincerely George Anton
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