how to revome cat urine odor from clothes?

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Answered: How to rid a dresser drawer of rat urine odor and stain.

I think you're right, Bones. However, if the drawer is removed from the dresser, cover the bottom of the drawer with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and let it stand for a day. Vacuum out the soda, and wash out the drawer using a very strong soap and water solution. Dishwasher soap, like Cascade ...

Answered: How do you get used to a new Cat?

Every cat is different. You have to learn your new cat's personality. My current cat, Sarah, is different than any other cat I've ever companioned. Very different. But she's my best bud and I dunno what I'd do without her despite the fact she's a terrible pain in the butt. I rescued her as a tiny ...

Answered: Cat urine odor removal

Your best option is to use a enzyme cleaner such as BIOZYME found on , spray on the surface and it will completely remove the urine from the affected surface. BIOZYME can be used on Carpets, fabrics, mattresses, concrete, etc. and also removes blood. BIOZYME is safe ...

Answered: Cat feces and urine odors

Smoke has always been my specialty but In dealing with "odors" as my business in Automobiles and houses for the past 18 years, I've seen it all! And cat odor has to be one of the toughest. There are many, many products on the market that "claim" to work, but if your like me, you waste alot of money ...

Answered: I always like to wear clothes that are latest and I like to know what is

Well it is not possible to update yourself abut all latest fashion industry. As it is easy to update yourself about a specific fashion industry such as sexy lingerie. I like to wear this type sexy lingerie so I always try to update about that industry purchase latest model lingerie's from online ...

Answered: About cat Ocean Food

Cat Ocean food contains Vitamin A for healthy vision,Protein for Healthy strong Muscles.And also, contains omega 3 and 6 for healty skin and beautiful coat. And for more benifits see:-
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