how to reverse aspartame poisoning?

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Answered: Aspartame/formaldehyde

Aspartame had been shown to induce brain damage in neonatal animals but the FDA dismissed the neurotoxicity as irrelevant on grounds that the approved uses of aspartame don’t include feeding it to newborn humans. Yet aspartame can be found in prescription and over-the-counter pediatric drugs and in ...

Answered: My favorite poison (meaning)

My favorite poison - pasta.

Answered: Is Aspartame bad for you?

Yes and so is saccharine. There are many natural sugar products on the market now that are not harmful to you and are as good as sugar. I use stevia. I never got into the habit of eating sugary snacks or sugary drinks. My mother beat cancer 30 years by becoming a nutritionist and herbalist ...

Answered: Reverse engineering

It’s always better to have information from the references. Reference books give us the additional information, and this information is essential for our knowledge base. For practical application of the subject like engineering, it’s the knowledge that is crucial. Collections at ...

Answered: Is 25 really high what can i do to help my 2 year old ?

Paula- Lead is quite toxic. If this test was not done in your pediatrician's office, take him the results. He may wish to repeat the test or do different ones. This is not the forum for getting answers to questions like these. You need to follow the directions of a pediatrician that is well versed ...

Answered: What is a good website that offers reverse phone ... this is also a good website that offers reverse phone lookup.
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