how to reverse 7 years bad luck after breaking mirror?

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Answered: Is it bad luck to lose a tarot card?

It is not bad luck but you won't get a complete reading if any of the cards are missing. I would buy a new deck.

Answered: Bad luck

Check your life and see how you treat other people we reap the seeds we sow. "bad luck" does not last everyday although at times I thought so.

Answered: Bad luck apartment

Contact a chemist or whoever it is, possibly a metallurgist. Have them check the property for Radon and other heavy metals on the property. This sounds more of a chemical problem than a supernatural one. Sorry, but there is no such thing as bad luck or good luck. More than likely, your husband would ...

Answered: Download Breaking bad episodes

oh thanx buddy I have also follow this source to watch breaking bad episodes.

Answered: Does anyone know when Breaking Bad is starting again?

Can't love more, Breaking Bad Seasons 1-3 DVD

Answered: I need to know about reverse mortgages

A special type of loan used to convert the equity in a home into cash. The money obtained through a reverse mortgage is usually used to provide seniors with financial security in their retirement years.
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