how to revenge a narcissist?

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Answered: What is a narcissist

Hi, Narkis is Hebrew (and I believe also in other languages) is a name of nice flower.... The English name is Daffodil but also known as "Narcissus".... There is a famous story of a Narkis (that flower) who grew next to a swamp (it's natural habitat), saw it's picture in the water and fell in love ...

Answered: How to seek revenge on a narcissist?

I knew something was wrong..Almost from the get go...Didn't have the term for it..But i could feel it..The narcissist thrives off of information..Information that you unknowingly gave him in the preliminary stages..He needs information so he can skillfully concoct a mirage or illusion around what ...

Answered: Is Barack Obama a pathological narcissist?

I like the way U put it Dwight! He IS just like a kid who got his first Gas Card Skipping & Dancing Showing Off for All his Piers!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! John

Answered: Powerful revenge

I think your wrong. worlds violence main cause is personal interest and then respect \ revenge causes. I truly believe that the need for revenge is a weakness, if a man wants to have a good life he most be focus on his life and not how to destroy life of others.

Answered: Is Obama a Pathological Narcissist or Merely a Narcissistic Man?

Narcissist or not, Obama is one of the least competent people in America and has absolutely no business in politics.
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Concerning about main theme in Wuthering Heights..

Early in the novel Heathcliff is described as plotting revenge, and the second half of the novel is dominated by Heathcliff's revenge against Hindley and his descendants for his mistreatment of him and against Edgar and his descendants for Catherine's death. Heathcliff's revenge affects everyone ...

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bortaS = revenge (noun) Example sentences: bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'. - "Revenge is a dish best served cold." bortaS nIvqu' 'oH bortaS'e'. - "Revenge is the best revenge." Related phrases: bortaS bIr = cold revenge bortaS DIb = the Right of Vengeance noD = retaliate [cheQIHchugh ...


Dear Xena, I am so glad that you are allowing yourself to realize the truth. What this means is that the part of you that knows and loves you is finally getting its say... And you are listening! I am sure you will get many more responses here. One thing that I would mention is that ...