how to restore system acer netbook nav50?

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Answered: Can you play on a netbook?

You can play mmorpg games on netbooks just make sure it's plugged in to get the maximum performance of the hardware. And as long as the game does not use high end graphics.

Answered: What are the most recommended netbook brands ...

Samsung, Toshiba and Sony for best net books, acer have got to be the worst. Personally I wouldn't buy a net book, prefer laptops

Answered: How to Reset Acer Aspire Password on Netbook Computer

Just a few days ago, I lost my windows vista admin passwords. I solved the trouble with the help of windows password reset tool. It not only support XP/Vista/2000/NT, but also compatible with windows 7, I tested it on my computer installed with Windows 7 and remove the local user and admin accounts ...

Answered: How do i restore windows xp without system restore ...

Go into the BIOS (usually F2 or del button during boot) and there find Boot device oreder/priority and put CD rom at the top.

Answered: Generator system for my home

I knew that the scumbags would come!

Answered: Restore internet explorer

You should be able to, but take a close look at Mozilla Firefox to replace IE. It is very reliable and much more secure than IE.
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Good question. Now two years after you've asked this question netbooks have evolved to tablets like the Ipad 2 and netvertibles like the Samsung Sliding PC 7. So you can surf the net and watch your favorite movie from Netflix. Who know what's going to happens in 2013. P.S. Don't believe the 2012 ...

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